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A Letter From Jesus

During those long years, I hung on to one thing – my love and devotion to Jesus. My faith often faltered, but my love didn’t. In my suffering I sought Him in prayer even more earnestly. I can’t explain that except to say it was just the grace of God. Yet, no matter how much I prayed God was silent, and He didn’t appear to be coming to my rescue anytime soon. So I often felt abandoned by Him. Sometimes I got angry at Him for His seeming silence in the face of the tremendous daily struggle I had endured for so long. What I didn’t know then, and I wouldn’t know until after the miracle that healed me was that He was always with me.

Sometime after the healing, I was in prayer one evening and I’d asked Jesus where He was all those long years. Where were You in my suffering? In that moment, I felt compelled to pick up my pen and write in my journal. When I’d finished and put the pen down and reread what I’d wrote, I wept. This was an answer to my prayers and my questions in the form of a letter from Him. I’d like to share those words written with you today, because I believe the words I received that day may help someone else struggling, lost, fighting illness, hopelessness and even despair. You too may be needing an answer to His seeming silence, and the question “God, where are You in my suffering?”

My Dear Child, I want you to know that not once have I ever left your side. Not once. I heard your anguished cries, and I cried with you. I saw your pain and felt your suffering as if it were my own. Our cries rang out becoming one reaching the Father in Heaven. Did I not tell you that I would never leave you, and that I’d always be with you? Yet in the depths of your torment you were not able to feel my presence, my peace, and my love comforting you. So my child, you felt as if I’d abandoned you. I did not. Nor will I ever.

For years you’ve carried the pain of humiliation. I too know the pain of humiliation. For years you’ve carried the pain of betrayal. I too know the pain of betrayal. For years you’ve carried the pain of abuse. I too know the pain of abuse. Such anguished cries poured out from the depths of your soul. An agony only compounded because you felt as if amid your suffering you had been abandoned. Yes, I suffered in this way as well. Not one moment of your suffering have I not felt, nor has it gone unnoticed by Me because I was with you in the suffering.

That it what I want you to know today, My child. I am with you in the suffering. Hold onto Me. I will comfort you. Look to Me. I am beside you. I will lead you through it. Now look back on the past few years of your life and I ask you, did I not lead you through it? Today, the voice of the eating disorder is quiet, and new life has sprung forth in you. You are experiencing your own personal resurrection. You see, I was indeed with you in your suffering, as I will always be. I love you, dear child. ~ Jesus

Today I know God is with me in all ways and in everything. But when the storm is raging all around me there are still those times that I can’t feel His presence as I might like to. In those times I try to find peace by looking back over my life. I see with new eyes all the ways the Lord was at work when I thought not. I can see the blessings I’ve gained from the dark journey that’s now my past. My suffering had a reason, a purpose, and blessings galore, and yours does too. Whatever your suffering today know you are not alone. God is with you. He is with you even if you can’t find Him. Take His hand and let Him lovingly guide you from the darkness to the light.

In Christ’s Love, Belinda

Let us pray: O Lord, we are grateful for Your sweet presence with us amid our suffering. Grant us courage to fight our battles, and strength and perseverance to carry our cross with humility and patience. May our faith in, and our awareness of Your presence beside us in times of suffering be strengthened that we may know peace in the midst of it. Thank you for Your great love for us, and may we forever praise You in the storm. In Jesus Name, Amen

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