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God Is In Our Midst

Is there someone in your life that doesn’t believe in God, or questions whether He even exists at all? I imagine we all have such a person in our life. Someone that we pray will one day come to know, accept, and love the Lord as we do. In my life that person is my oldest son. He is a professed agnostic. I don’t argue with him about his beliefs. Instead, I quietly pray for him.

As a contemplative I love the silence. I love nature walks, sunsets, starry nights and luminous full moons. I see God’s handiwork in such things. I hear Him in the sound of crickets and the song of the birds in my backyard tree. I feel His presence in the warm hug of my youngest son, and in my dog Gracie’s sloppy kisses. God is everywhere. He is in all things. I am sad that my son can’t find God’s presence and see the proof of His existence in this way.

I originally wrote today’s poem and created the accompanying video with my son and all those that question the existence of God in mind. But I wanted to share it with you, because I believe it can benefit any one us that might be struggling with our own doubts about God and life. Sometimes when we are going through great adversity God is silent. We might begin to question Him amid that silence asking,”Where are You, God?’ He may seem silent, but all you need do is walk outside in nature to find His presence with You. God is everywhere! It’s almost as if He is shouting,”Here I Am! I’m singing to you in the song of that bright red cardinal nearby. I painted that beautiful blue sky and filled it with those marshmallow clouds!” It is the awareness of His presence we need especially in our trials – especially when He is silent.

Finding God in the beauty of His creation is one way to renew your faith in His presence with you. I’ve always enjoyed Contemplative photography, which is a style of photography that attempts to reveal the richness and beauty around us in ways normally hidden from view. Well, today’s video is Contemplative in nature. I hope through it you will see the richness and beauty in all God’s creation. If you are going through a difficult time in your life – if You are doubting His presence – I hope you will find your spirit renewed in some small way through this poem and video.

Regardless of what season we are in in our life, it’s just a fact that our lives are chaotic, filled with busyness, and often fraught with worries and troubles. Even if we don’t question God’s existence, and our faith is strong, we still need to take time daily to quiet our thoughts, our doubts and our fears saying to them,”Peace, be still!” If we don’t, we tend to let them control our lives rather than God. Our world asks us to be busy, and our God asks us to be still. “Be still, and know that I am God.” When we take time to pray in the silence or spend quiet time in nature, we can let go, and let God. He becomes our refuge. In the silence, we find Him who is our strength. We feel His presence and experience His love and comfort, and we truly know God is in our midst.

In Christ’s Love, Belinda

God In Our Midst

To those that say God doesn’t exist I’ll give you proof He’s in our midst! Each evening as the sun sinks low His artistry creates a sunsets fiery glow. A luminous moon in the Heaven’s hangs high While countless stars paint the night sky. Those stars do not fall nor planets collide Proof of divine order that can’t be denied. It’s a Divine Magician that turns day into night With such exquisite beauty and delight. He makes the rain and snow to fall So replenishing water is freely given to all. Upon the Earth there’s abundant food A blessing given for our greater good. Oxygen is created by plants and trees So life is sustained for both you and me. There’s no thought for each breath you take The heart beats on whether asleep or wake. Proof abounds God exists for you and for me Why are so many unable to see? But wait, I’ve more proof that God exists Something more that says He’s in our midst. I’ve felt God’s presence in the power of love Something I can only explain as from the Beloved! A love with the power to change darkness to light To banish the fears that grip us from sight! His Love has the power to make things anew Transforming, healing, and resurrecting you, too! Proof abounds everywhere that my God exists That His Presence is now and forever in our midst!


God_In_Our_Midst_A_Contemplative_Video_by_Belinda_Rose_1080p from Belinda Rose on Vimeo.5

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