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Standing On God’s Promises

Standing on the promises of God. This is how I have weathered many storms in my own life. Our Heavenly Father has been gracious in His promises giving us literally thousands within the Bible. These bright jewels He has given to provide hope in the midst of our despair, courage when we grow weak, strength when we are fighting temptation, direction when we feel lost, renewed confidence in His presence with us when we feel alone and afraid. Our loving God has given us a promise to cover just about anything we might face in our earthly life. The problem is that oftentimes when we need them most we don’t claim them!

What is your favorite Bible promise? Do you have a story to share of how God’s promises have seen you through a difficult time? Please share in the comments below that others may be blessed by your story.

Let us pray … Heavenly Father, On Your promises today I stand. I trust in Your promises that shine light on my problems, and give me hope, strength and encouragement in adversity. No matter the trial, challenge or obstacle I face I will stand strong, trusting in Your promises and Your grace to see me through according to Your will. Thank You Lord for the victory. Standing on Your promises I cannot fall. May the honor and glory be Yours. In Jesus Name…Amen

Here’s Alan Jackson’s uplifting rendition of the old classic, “Standing On The Promises”

In Christ’s Love, Belinda1

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