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The Gift of A Hug

“A hug is two hearts wrapped in arms.” Author Unknown

I admit it. I’m a hugger. I give hugs often and freely! I think hugs are so important to me because I grew up in a family that didn’t express affection, and where hugs were seldom given. In fact, I don’t recall my Dad ever giving me a hug. Growing up without such affection taught me the value of a hug, and expressing love and affection to people in my life. All people need warmth, nurturing and compassion, and not surprisingly all of these qualities are transferred through a hug. Hugs are healing. While I may not of received hugs as a child, I am happy to say that isn’t the case anymore. My youngest son, who is now 26, is one amazing hugger! Just like his Mom, he gives hugs often and freely. When I am in a bad space emotionally it is his big arms of love that I seek out. Wrapped in one of his warm hugs I feel loved and deeply cared for. Sometimes it is the simple healing power of that hug that is all I need to find my footing again. I’d like to share a couple of videos that illustrate the power of a simple hug to change a life. The first one is from The Human Hug Project. These former Marines came home from the Middle East suffering from PTSD. Today they are changing the lives of fellow servicemen and women that also suffer from PTSD through the healing touch of a hug.

And then there is this powerful video of a North Carolina Policeman that pulled a suicidal man off a bridge with a hug. A little love and compassion is sometimes all we need to get through even our darkest moments.

But don’t take my word for it, do the research for yourself. Set a random number of hugs you might give in a day … say five. Then for the next week give five warm, heartfelt and genuine hugs away daily. Notice if your mood or health improves, and be sure to pay attention to the reaction of those you hug! Hugs are good medicine, so notice how often your hug gives you, or those you gift your hugs to an emotional boost. If you find you are enjoying the results of your research as I bet you will, then why not make this a whole new way to daily show the love of the Christ within you. Shine that light of love! Be love in action. This is what our Lord calls us all to be, and in the process it just may change your life!

THE GIFT OF A HUG A hug is a truly magical thing… Just look at the ways it makes the soul sing: Hugs lift the spirits of the lonely or sad… Giving them courage they didn’t know that they had. It’s a gift without words to show someone you care… That your love and support will always be there. A hug’s the embrace we await to welcome us home… No matter where life takes us or how far we roam. A hug is always the one perfect way… To express love when we don’t know what else to say. Hugs are a universal expression of love… A silent language that says,”To me, you’re beloved!” A hug is a gift to be freely given and shared… There’s not another gesture of love that even compares! (c)2018 Belinda Rose

Are you a hugger? Do you have a story to share of how a hug changed a moment in your life or the life of another? Please share with us in the comments!

Hugs to you, Belinda0

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