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This Too Shall Pass Away

If there is one thing in life that’s certain it’s that nothing stays the same. Our circumstances and our lives change … whether we like it or not. The same can be said for many of the people in our lives – they come and go. Change is good, but not all of us embrace it. Many of us resist the new and unknown much preferring to cling to the comfortable and familiar. But the truth is, change happens whether we cling to it or embrace it. All things pass away, and for that we really should be grateful. Why? Because it is comforting and reassuring to know that the season of trial we may be in right now isn’t forever. It too, will pass away.

Sometimes doubt and fear slowly creep into our thoughts, and we begin to lament and worry that we are stuck in our situation forever. Now smack dab in the midst of our trial, we feel as if change or improvement is just not going to happen. Soon feelings of overwhelm and abandonment overcome us only adding to our burden. The weight of those burdens now become more than we can bear. It is easy to forget when our faith is being tested in this way that there is always hope. Yes, there is always hope because we serve a loving God that is always with us. If you are going through such a time right now I’d like to gently remind you that there is light at the end of that long, dark tunnel you might currently be passing through. Hold onto the undeniable truth that all things change; all things pass away. Hold on in faith believing in God’s guiding presence. His guiding light is upon you right now, even if all you sense, feel and know is darkness. Trust in Him to show you the way. Those aren’t just mere sentiments on my part. Those words come from my heart. There from someone that’s been there. There from someone that’s experienced His guiding presence while in the long, dark tunnel. Not because I’m special, but because God’s grace is awesome!

There have been many times in my life that I felt lost and abandoned to the darkness. I certainly didn’t see a way out after about the third decade of battling the eating disorder. Warring against a chronic illness as long as I did really gives you a whole new understanding of the term, “long dark tunnel” But I also understand that it’s when we think there is no way out of a situation that the evil one plays with our thoughts wreaking havoc. This is a dangerous space to be in mentally! In our weakened state of mind, our adversary puts one dark thought after the other into our head. He feeds us such lies as; there’s no hope, things will never get better, I might as well just give up now. Soon we begin to fall into hopelessness, and once we do that, despair is usually not far behind. But my message today isn’t one of negativity and woe, but of hope and light! I wasn’t alone even in my darkest moments, and neither are you.

At one of my lowest points I heard the Lord clearly whisper to my broken heart in prayer,“Don’t be afraid. Draw near to Me, My Child. Trust in Me. Take My hand. I’ll show you the way.” Today, I share these words with you. His words that gave me comfort and renewed strength and courage are not words He would only speak to me as if I’m somehow chosen. I’m not! No! They are for you as well, because the Lord loves each one of His children. He cares for each of us. He is with each one of us but sometimes we need a reminder. We need someone to encourage us and gently remind us to put our eyes back on the Lord, and not our circumstances. So, draw near to Him in the darkness you now face and hear Him whisper to your own heart, “Don’t be afraid. Draw near to Me, child. Trust Me. Take My hand. I’ll will show you the way.” Listen to His still, small voice and draw nearer, that His grace may fall upon you and you might experience the comfort of His presence. For it is therein, you will find the strength to endure whatever comes your way, the courage to accept God’s will in your life whatever that may be, and the unconditional love your heart and soul ache for. I pray, whatever your struggle today that you never lose your focus on the Lord. I pray that you never doubt, no matter how dark the tunnel may be, that His Guiding Light’s upon you and this too shall pass away.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father,

In the midst of the storm grant us renewed strength to fight another day, unfaltering courage to face our fears, steadfast faith to persevere, unshakeable trust that we’re never alone, and a unwavering hope that this too, shall pass away. in Jesus Name …. Amen

I’m sharing a video I created about four years ago, so it’s a little different than my more recent videos. This particular video fits perfectly with this message. It is from a poem I wrote several years back, ”This Too, Shall Pass Away,”.

In Christ’s Love, Belinda

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