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Scripture: He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

What are the wounds that bind you? What are the wounds that keep you bound to the past and preventing you from living joyfully in the present? How do we “let go”, and by that I mean really “let go” of the memories and pain of things that happened yesterday? We all know in our ‘heads’ at least, that we need to move beyond past hurts but it isn’t always that easy. The problem is in getting our hearts to feel what our ‘heads’ tell is the best thing for us … letting go and forgiving. That is the hard part. If you are anything like me, I told myself over and over again I’d let go of all those past hurts that had created an insidious monster within my psyche named anorexia nervosa. But I was only fooling myself. For years it was just lip service. The truth was, the pain was too much to face and the wounds too deep to heal on my own. I desperately needed God’s help. I needed God’s Grace to lift me to a place where I could truly let go and be free of the past. My heart and soul needed the soothing balm of His healing love to bind those wounds, and God provided in His time, on all counts! Praise God! I suppose it is only human nature to believe we can ‘go it alone’ no matter what comes our way. That we don’t need God’s help. But there again, we are just lying to ourselves, because as Jesus tells us in John 15:5 …. “apart from me you can do nothing. Still, as crazy as it may sound to you, those wounds can be a blessing if we allow them to be. They can serve to draw us into an ever deeper relationship with our Lord. This was my experience. Contemplative prayer has been a part of my life for most of it, and over the years as I continued to seek Him in the Silence I experienced firsthand, how by His Grace even those wounds of old I thought impossible to heal could be healed. I experienced firsthand the balm of the Divine Father’s soothing love to heal the old wounds and let go of a traumatic and pain-ridden past and find peace and freedom, and if He’d do it for me then that’s true for any one of us. So again I ask you, what are the wounds that bind you? What are the wounds that keep you bound to the past thus preventing you from living joyfully in the present? If you are ready to let that painful past go and heal the wounds of old, we have a loving Heavenly Father ready and willing to help you do that which you think is right now is impossible; “… for with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) Meet Him in prayer, and I promise you before you even utter a word of your pain and heartache He is already there and knows every tear you’ve cried. Surrender “yesterday” with all its painful memories and heartache into the hands of your loving Divine Father and allow His Grace to finally set you free!

Let Us Pray: O loving Divine Father, have mercy on me. Heal these gaping wounds that pierce my heart with the soothing balm of Your divine love. By Your Grace set me free. Grant my spirit peace from the demons of the past that I may live life anew – joyfully in the present. Amen

Love, Belinda0

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